Scientific Committee

ENeA Global Executive team

  • Dr. Shweta Feher, Head ENeA Global
  • Rungrawee Loipimai, Project Manager ENeA Global
  • Dr. Hans Demmelmair
  • Marina Sanchez Garcia, M.Sc.
  • Erin Baudendistel-Happ, M.A.
  • Martina Forro
  • Jelica Gencel
  • Anna-Lina Sarkis
  • Nhan Ngoc Tran
  • Prudhvi Sainath Reddy Inja
  • Alicia Tome Romero

Past scientific writing contributors

  • Rebecca Spörl, PGDipSc
  • Marie-Theres Karla, MSc
  • Dr. Karin Bergmann
  • Prudence Carr, MSc. (Diet)
  • Susanne Dirne-van Alst, MSc
  • Dr. Anna Lindsay, MD PhD
  • Rebecca Poage, MD
  • Dr. Christiane Vollhardt

Contributing External Scientific Authors and Reviewers

Contributing Experts for Video Statements

Chinese Mandarin Translation

ENeA modules in Chinese Mandarin have been prepared in collaboration with Prof. Wang Weiping and his team at the Children's Hospital of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, China.

Turkish Translation

ENeA modules in Turkish have been prepared in collaboration with the Turkish Pediatric Society.

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