Topic outline

  • Do you know what gluten is and why it's so common in our food? 
    Why does gluten cause celiac disease? 

    How many people actually have celiac disease? 

    What are the reasons that some people get celiac disease and others do not, although they all consume gluten? 

    And why is the gluten-free diet still the only but very effective treatment? 

    These and many more questions will be explained and answered in the following Unit 1. If you are new in the celiac world, you'll learn about all important basics here. But even if you are already experienced, there may be some interesting additional information for you, allowing you to recapture and to understand the whole story and relations between gluten, genes and immune system even better. Klick on the links below to explore the lessons and self-assessments. Either complete all lessonsfrom the beginning or just choose whatever may be of interest for you.  And now... let's get started!

    Test Your Knowledge

    Lesson 1 - Celiac Disease - The Basics

    Lesson 2 - Why Do Some People Get Celiac Disease

    Lesson 3 - What Happens in the Gut?

    Lesson 4 - The Different Faces of Celiac Disease

    Test Your NEW Knowledge

    Overview of the contents and learning aims of Unit 1 

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