A warm welcome to the e-learning Modules on Celiac Disease! 

With the Project "Focus IN CD" (Focus IN Celiac Disease), we developed the content and design of these interactive e-learning modules to train health care professionals as physicians and dietitians about this autoimmune disorder but also to allow patients, their family member, and other interested lay people to inform themselves about all aspects of celiac disease.

The e-learning modules are currently available in English and will become available in 5 additional languages (Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian and German) until end of 2018. 

Currently the e-learning for patients is under evalation, this means we invited selected patients to try our e-module, answer on the quizzes and give us their feedback on each Unit of the e-module. Therefore we thank all participants for taking part in this evaluation! 

The e-learning module for health care professionals will become available soon. 

We hope you will enjoy reading and watching our e-learnings and are looking forward to your feedback!